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Cyber Security publications are listed in the University of Southampton EPrints repository, many with the full text available to read online.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Study of Security Decisions in a Cyber-Physical Systems Game - Sylvain Frey, Awais Rashid, Pauline Anthonysamy, Maria Pinto-Albuquerque and Syed Asad Naqvi
Type: Article | 2017 | Item not available on this server.
A blockchain-based infrastructure for reliable and cost-effective IoT-aided smart grids - Federico Lombardi, Leonardo Aniello, Stefano De Angelis, Andrea Margheri and Vladimiro Sassone
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018
Encoding floating-point numbers using the SMT theory in ESBMC: An empirical evaluation over the SV-COMP benchmarks - Mikhail Y.R. Gadelha, Lucas C. Cordeiro and Denis A. Nicole
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2017 | Springer International Publishing | Item availability restricted.
Survey on access control for community-centered collaborative systems - Federica Paci, Anna Squicciarinni and Nicola Zannone
Type: Review | 2018
Responsabilité civile et stratégie de régulation: Essai sur la responsabilité civile des prestataires intermédiaires de service en ligne - Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon
Type: Book | 2017 | Editions Universitaires Europeennes | Item not available on this server.
A rigorous framework for specification, analysis and enforcement of access control policies - Andrea Margheri, Massimiliano Masi, Rosario Pugliese and Francesco Tiezzi
Type: Article | 2017
PBFT vs proof-of-authority: applying the CAP theorem to permissioned blockchain - Stefano De Angelis, Leonardo Aniello, Roberto Baldoni, Federico Lombardi, Andrea Margheri and Vladimiro Sassone
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018
Cross-cloud management of sensitive data via Blockchain: a payslip calculation use case - Luca Nicoletti, Andrea Margheri, Federico Lombardi, Vladimiro Sassone and Francesco Paolo Schiavo
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018
Differentially private data sharing in Cloud Federation with blockchain - Mu Yang, Andrea Margheri, Runshan Hu and Vladimiro Sassone
Type: Article | 2017 | Item availability restricted.
Bridging policy, regulation and practice? A techno-legal analysis of three types of data in the GDPR - Runshan Hu, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Mu Yang, Valeria Schiavo and Vladimiro Sassone
Type: Book Section | 2017 | Hart

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